GEM has ceased operations.

GEM is done. 

So here we are a great idea fostered by hope and the desire to help our fellow man to a dead end with no interests.

We started as ARICC and then a coup so we spun off and started IRESC. We had another coup and spun off with GEM. Now less the coup GEM dies by my hand and Rogers sword. Our new Charter was supposed to prevent this and it did prevent a hostile takeover. But you cannot consider this a hostile takeover as someone has suggested. Some of us had a vested interest in the organization as for years it was our financial support that supported the operation. No one stepped up to help when we pleaded for unity and that we would flounder and die nobody pitched in. So it is done.

Here is what will happen now: 

  • All web resources are off-line

  • The email will continue to the end of the year when that will be will shut down

  • The EchoLink GEM_INTL server will continue to the end of the hurricane season when it will be shut off. It has its own IP and server and I am not paying for it after Dec 1, 2016

  • the SIP and XMPP chats are offline.

  • my.gem is off.

  • The KA1AAA conference server will stay up and running as it is mine anyway and is needed for other entities to use.Just a note: in the 6 months I have kept the two conference servers running on my servers we have not had any down time due to anything other than an hour or two for updates. 

  • the domain names GEM-XXX.XXX and IRESC.XXX are under my control and will stay there. IRESC domain names will not be given to that other organization unless they pay a lot of money for them (like that will happen.)

So it is with great gratitude that I say thank you to all the members for their dedication and services over the years but we need to move on.

73 de KA1AAA